Sargent & Lundy Awarded EpCM Contract for Natural Gas Power Plant

A retired coal-fired plant in Florida will be replaced with a new, 120-MW facility

September 30, 2021 - Lakeland Electric has awarded Sargent & Lundy a contract for the engineering, procurement, and construction management (EpCM) services of a new 120-MW reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) plant to be located on the existing McIntosh Power Plant site in Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland Electric selected Sargent & Lundy to perform this work based on excellent past project performance, central Florida presence, and industry-leading credentials for high-quality, cost effective RICE power plants, which includes multiple other sites in Florida.

Sargent & Lundy LEContractSigning090921_ALL5r_1200x628

Representatives from all participating organizations for the McIntosh Reciprocating 120-MW Plant gather during the contract-signing event, including Jim Kamba from Sargent & Lundy.

MAN Energy Solutions will supply 6 x 18V51/60G engines with the highest power output in the market, along with the major power island auxiliaries to Lakeland Electric based on Sargent & Lundy’s developed specifications.

The new, highly-efficient facility will run on natural gas and replace a recently retired coal-fired plant. This project will significantly contribute to Lakeland Electric’s commitment to providing safe, flexible, fast-response generation that pairs well with solar. Sargent & Lundy’s involvement further solidifies its role as a top engineering firm in the domestic RICE market.

The project is scheduled for commercial operation in late 2023.

Sargent & Lundy LakelandRICE_HeadImage_A4_1200x960

A rendering of the future McIntosh Reciprocating 120-MW Engine Plant, to become operational in late 2023.

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