ENR 2021 Sourcebook Rankings Reinforce Sargent & Lundy’s Status as Industry Leader

Firm sustains No. 1 rank in nuclear power plants category; ranks in nine categories

July 9, 2021 – Every year, the Top Design Firms Sourcebook published by Engineering News-Record (ENR) reveals market analyses and rankings of architectural and engineering firms in the United States. Sargent & Lundy is proud to announce it has again received industry-notable accolades across multiple categories from this trusted source of industry data.

The 2021 Top Design Firms Sourcebook (subscription required) places Sargent & Lundy’s rank across the following subcategories:

  • Power, No. 4
  • Nuclear Plants, No. 1
  • Fossil Fuel, No. 5
  • Wind Power, No. 5
  • Nuclear Waste, No. 5
  • Transmission and Distribution, No. 7
  • Co-generation, No. 10
  • Hazardous Waste, No. 30
  • Pipelines, No. 24

Particularly worthy of mention is Sargent & Lundy’s rank in a new category, Pipelines, at number 24, and its renewed position in the Co-generation category at number 10. Just as notable is the firm’s maintenance of rank in four categories: Nuclear Plants (No. 1), Transmission and Distribution (No. 7), Wind Power (No. 5), and Nuclear Waste (No. 5). In fact, Sargent & Lundy has sustained the No. 1 rank on the Nuclear Plants list since 2017.

ENR has been a trusted source of industry data since 1965 when it first introduced its Top 500 Design Firms list. In the recently released 2021 Top Design Firms Sourcebook, ENR also examines the impact and continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on design firms throughout the United States.

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