Energy Business Consulting

When you work with us, you gain access to over 125 years of power industry experience and expertise.

Proven Power Expertise for Your Project

With 125 years of experience completing thousands of projects for the power industry, Sargent & Lundy can bring proven consultative expertise to help you reach your goals.

We offer energy consulting services that include:

  • Project Development and Planning
    Sargent & Lundy can help identify, evaluate, select, and implement plant technologies, as well as assist with site assessment and other critical development and planning tasks. Our goal with every project is to work seamlessly and collaboratively with your organization, providing services from feasibility to site selection to construction management and startup, and everything in between.
  • Owner’s Engineering, EPC, and Site Services
    Sargent & Lundy can perform a full range of owner’s engineer and EPC services. Owner’s engineer services include site selection, feasibility reporting, technology selection, procurement, contract negotiations, environmental reviews, construction management, and startup. EPC services include: evaluation of bids, scope of work, guarantees, price, O&M costs, and performance; contract negotiations; and review of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Fuel Supply Agreements (FSA). We also offer complete construction management, oversight, and commissioning services.
  • Regulatory and Environmental Compliance Support
    Sargent & Lundy offers licensing and permitting support for new or existing power projects. We use advanced proprietary computer models as well as those approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. When onsite data is required, we design a monitoring program that meets compliance, subcontracting a local company to execute. Our approach addresses individual stations and fleet emissions considerations, resulting in cost-effective compliance strategies. Our comprehensive solutions include:
    • Review of permits and licenses required for construction and operation to assess compliance
    • Preparation of permit applications and management of the permitting process
    • Review of the environmental impact assessment report to confirm requirements are met for local, national, and World Bank Environmental Guidelines
    • Evaluation of the environmental report for general accuracy, quality, and alignment with guaranteed emission levels in order to identify gaps and needed clarifications

    Our compliance team provides a comprehensive report summarizing results and facilitating resolution of any potential environmental issues. This includes a compliance evaluation of equipment and systems, site compatibility with environmental regulations, consistency of permit qualifications with contractual operating requirements, and the impact of international and domestic environmental laws and regulations on the plant.

  • Planning and Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence and Asset Transaction Services
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Operational Assessments
  • Corporate and Industrial Energy Services
  • Grid Modernization Consulting Services

Due Diligence and Asset Transaction Services

We can help you independently assess your complex projects with our deep power industry financial and technical expertise. Sargent & Lundy offers independent engineering and due diligence services customized to meet your needs. For technical, economic, and environmental support of transaction planning and execution, we offer asset transaction services for investors, buyers, and sellers.

Financial Modeling and Analysis

Our financial and economics professionals have both engineering and business degrees with extensive experience in power plant engineering, economics, finance, and regulatory policy as well as generation and transmission operations.

Our financial consulting services include:

  • Due diligence reviews
  • Financial analysis and modeling
  • Market consulting and forward pricing services
  • Asset valuations – Read our white paper on Asset Valuations in the Power Sector
  • Bid support
    We offer engineer-procure and engineer-procure-construct bid support, developer support, and power purchaser support for competitive power project bids. In private power project competitive bidding processes, we can work on behalf of a bidding project sponsor or for the power purchaser who is securing power supplies from a private power organization.

Operational Assessments

We provide operations and maintenance consulting to assist owners, operators, investors, and other stakeholder companies in evaluating power generation performance. Leveraging our extensive power plant design, operations, and financial experience, we can help evaluate potential technical and financial improvements. Our professionals can establish a comprehensive performance improvement program, as well as a schedule and budget.

Our operational services include:

  • Assessments in support of contractual and financial obligations, such as loan payments and major maintenance reserve requirements
  • Performance improvement identification, review, evaluation, and implementation, including assessments of plant performance relative to industry peer group benchmarks
  • Plant physical condition and life expectancy evaluations
  • Operating procedure and practice reviews
  • Organization and staffing evaluations
  • End-of-warranty reviews

Renewable and Alternative Energy

Find more information about our Renewable and Alternative Energy consultant services on our Renewable Energy services page.