Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative: New Coalition Explores Solutions for Decarbonization

Sargent & Lundy joins over 40 global organizations working toward critical climate solutions

July 29, 2022 – The Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative (NHI), a coalition of over 40 global companies, academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations working to elevate the role of nuclear-derived hydrogen to decarbonize the global energy system, was announced to the public on July 26. As a member of the coalition, Sargent & Lundy is thrilled to support efforts that will play a critical role in reaching ambitious carbon-free energy goals and advancing nuclear hydrogen as a critical climate solution.

In coordination with the announcement, NHI introduced a new website where its first white paper, “Hydrogen Production from Carbon-Free Nuclear Energy,” has been published. Sargent & Lundy contributed to the development of the paper, which was led by the Clean Energy Task Force (CATF), an organization that also counts Sargent & Lundy among its founding members. The report explores how a nuclear energy source can produce clean hydrogen not only in large quantities, but also in high quality at relatively low cost, without any carbon emissions. Principal topics of the report include:

  • The role of hydrogen in decarbonizing the energy sector.
  • Nuclear technology as an enabler of a clean hydrogen economy.
  • Current national hydrogen policies and strategies.

Since its founding in 1891, Sargent & Lundy has been a leader in the power and energy industry, continuously utilizing innovative technology to provide solutions for the world’s energy needs. With industry-leading engineering experience, particularly in the nuclear and hydrogen sectors, the firm embraces the opportunity to continue collaboratively leading the global energy community with NHI to achieve the critical net-zero goal of 2050.

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