Hydrogen Project Engineering Services

We’re excelling in hydrogen applications and applying our hydrogen experience to help clients achieve decarbonization goals.

Hydrogen Engineering Services Designed Around Your Goals

Ambitious decarbonization goals are being set throughout the world by companies, governments, utilities, and other organizations, and require a multi-faceted approach to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen presents an immense opportunity to produce and use a low- or zero-carbon emission fuel throughout the economy, including in several sectors that have proven difficult to decarbonize. Given its versatility, it’s no wonder the momentum behind hydrogen has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Sargent & Lundy has been working with hydrogen for decades. From industrial applications like generator cooling systems to nuclear power applications such as containment venting, we understand hydrogen’s potential and its engineering challenges. We’ve been solving complex problems in the power and industrial sectors for over 130 years, and our unique combination of expertise and client dedication creates a unique advantage for today’s hydrogen projects. Find a detailed list of our hydrogen experience here and learn how we can help with each aspect of a hydrogen project.

Sargent & Lundy is a member of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, a global nonprofit resource that supports and promotes the safe handling and use of hydrogen across industrial and consumer applications.

Why Clients Choose Sargent & Lundy

  • Integrated project teams of engineering leads and regulatory specialists.
  • A deep understanding of engineering standards and specifications, including participation in several code committees.
  • A long history of meeting and exceeding clients’ needs and expectations.
  • A commitment to sustainability and innovation.
  • An understanding of complexities associated with developing large-scale, state-of-the-art projects.
  • Successful integration of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technologies into projects scaling in size from pilot plants to full commercial operations.
  • Experience and expertise with federally funded projects.

Comprehensive Services

  • Project Scoping and Cost Estimates
  • Detailed Engineering and Design for New and Existing Facilities
  • Material and Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management Services
  • Permitting and Regulatory Support

Specialized Hydrogen Experience and Capabilities

Our strong base of hydrogen experience continues to grow dramatically, particularly with new, evolving applications. We’re assisting a client with a first-of-its-kind demonstration to blend green hydrogen with natural gas at a gas turbine power generation facility. We’re also designing a wind-power-to-gas project to produce green hydrogen for sale to a variety of end users.

Find a summary of our hydrogen capabilities here.

The list below highlights the types of hydrogen projects we’re executing in the evolving hydrogen economy.

Clean Hydrogen Production Projects
Our strong base of hydrogen experience continues to grow dramatically, particularly with new, evolving applications. We assist several clients with first-of-a-kind demonstrations to blend clean hydrogen with natural gas at gas turbine power generation facilities. We also have experience in designing multiple low-carbon power-to-gas projects to produce clean hydrogen for sale to a variety of end users.

Learn more about our nuclear capabilities.
Learn more about our renewable energy capabilities.

Incorporating Hydrogen with Existing Systems
Hydrogen can be incorporated into existing simple-cycle and combined-cycle natural gas power facilities, coal-fired power facilities, midstream natural gas facilities and infrastructure, and many other systems to reduce carbon emissions. We have over a century of experience with these systems plus the knowledge and resources to help make hydrogen blending and fuel switching a reality.

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) - Blue Hydrogen Production
We’re an industry leader when it comes to carbon capture, utilization, and storage. We help our clients across the power and industrial sectors apply CCUS technologies to decrease their carbon footprint. Fossil-based hydrogen production methods such as steam methane reforming (SMR) can incorporate CCUS systems to capture and either store or utilize the carbon dioxide.

Owner's Engineer/Architect's Engineer Services
We offer owner’s engineering and architect’s engineering services to advise and ensure maximum quality and value for our clients. Our vast expertise with hydrogen systems and the power and industrial sectors can help make our clients’ hydrogen projects successful.

Our strengths include engineering and design services related to hydrogen production via electrolysis, hydrogen purification systems, hydrogen compression, liquid or gas hydrogen storage, hydrogen pipeline transmission, hydrogen blending, and hydrogen utilization. These projects commonly require balance-of-plant systems and system integration – capabilities we have proven time and again.

Hydrogen Production
We’re well versed in the several different technologies of electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water. Whether it’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis, alkaline electrolysis, or solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs), our team has experience with system sizing, balance-of-plant systems design, and the integration of such systems into existing facilities. Having worked on electrolyzer systems ranging in size from sub-1 MW to 200 MW, we have the knowledge and expertise to help with electrolyzer projects big or small. With our experience in grid infrastructure and electrical systems, we’re capable of connecting electrolyzer systems to various sources of electricity including renewable, nuclear, and grid power.

Our hydrogen production capabilities are not limited to electrolysis; we can assist in the decarbonization of existing steam methane reforming facilities with the addition of carbon capture systems.

Hydrogen Compression
Over decades of serving our power, industrial, and oil & gas clients, we have amassed significant experience with gas compressor systems, including those best suited for hydrogen compression. Reciprocating and diaphragm-type compressors tend to stand out in most hydrogen applications, specifically high-pressure compression for gaseous storage or hydrogen fueling. However, axial and centrifugal compressors play a role in high-flow applications as well. We’re able to assist with the specification, design, and engineering of all types of hydrogen compressor systems and their auxiliaries.

Hydrogen Storage
Our team has specified and engineered countless gaseous storage vessels, including those for hydrogen. Our team possesses the skills to help safely and cost effectively design hydrogen storage systems by optimizing storage pressures, layout, and the integration with downstream users.

Hydrogen can also be cooled and stored in its more energy-packed liquid form for long-distance transportation or to reduce the storage footprint. Sargent & Lundy is prepared to help engineer the liquefaction and storage systems for these applications.

If the geology is right, hydrogen can even be stored underground in formations such as salt caverns or depleted oil reservoirs. This large-scale method for gaseous hydrogen can enable long duration energy storage to increase grid resiliency. Our staff of civil and geotechnical engineers evaluate these formations and unlock the potential of underground storage.

Hydrogen Utilization
We have industry-leading experience with gas power generation systems and can help with projects looking to blend hydrogen into the fuel gas for decarbonization. Our team also incorporates fuel cells into hydrogen systems like those for power-to-power applications and other situations where carbon-free power is desired. When it comes to fueling stations, we can assist with charging and fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) applications. Our team is well positioned to provide engineering services related to hydrogen’s many uses.

Hydrogen Balance-of-Plant Systems
Hydrogen equipment often requires additions or modifications to several different balance-of-plant systems. Water systems, electrical systems, control systems, air systems, and venting and purging systems serve as some examples. Our team is highly experienced with each and can make the modifications necessary to accommodate hydrogen equipment successfully and cost effectively.

Our Capabilities as a Hydrogen Integrator
Sargent & Lundy offers comprehensive experience and expertise in the role of systems integrator. Our long history in the power and industrial sectors combined with our highly skilled engineers set us apart for making a successful hydrogen project come together. We excel at balance-of-plant work and have demonstrated our ability to deliver a complete end product.

Other Hydrogen-Related Areas of Specialty

  • Facility Siting and Design
  • Fuel Gas Blending Systems
  • Gas Turbine Power Facility Design (Simple and Combined Cycle)
  • Coal-To-Gas Boiler Conversions
  • Gas Compressor Systems
  • Generator Cooling Systems with Hydrogen
  • Ammonia Storage and Distribution Systems
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Systems
  • Synthetic Natural Gas Systems
  • Renewable Natural Gas Systems
  • Feedstock Loading and Product Unloading Stations
  • Transmission Pipeline Design
  • Emissions Control Technologies and Permitting
  • PHA, HAZOP, and Risk Assessments
  • Fire Detection and Protection Systems
  • Gas Detection and Emergency Shutdown Systems