Sargent & Lundy’s Brad Toon Appointed to University of Kentucky CAER Advisory Board

Providing counsel and guidance on emerging trends in energy research and development

Sargent & Lundy Brad Toon

Brad Toon

April 24, 2017 - The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) recently announced that Sargent & Lundy’s Brad Toon has been appointed to serve on its advisory board, along with several other industry, academia, and government experts. The advisory board provides counsel and guidance to the center about emerging trends in energy research and development.

The board includes representatives from the power industry and representatives from the coal mining industry. Toon will contribute a broad power engineering consultant’s view of the current landscape of the electric power industry to the board.

“I thank all of the advisory board members for their willingness to serve,” said Rodney Andrews, director of CAER. “The depth and breadth of expertise will provide the center and our research teams with valuable, strategic insight."

CAER is one of the nation’s premier energy research and development institutes, collaborating with companies and government agencies to help maximize Kentucky’s — and the nation’s — energy resources.

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