20-MW Solar PV Project Business Planning

Sargent & Lundy performed the feasibility study and conceptual design for a 20-MW solar PV project

20-MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Project Business Planning
Major Midwest Utility Company, United States

  • Fixed-tilt and single-axis tracking
  • Polysilicon and thin-film panels

Project Description:

Sargent & Lundy supported a major Midwest United States utility company with their business planning and screening for a 20-MW solar PV project. We evaluated potential land options for the installation of the solar PV plant with several configurations, including fixed-tilt versus single-axis tracking and poly-Si versus thin-film technology. Sargent & Lundy also performed conceptual designs of the 20-MW solar PV plant for each of the configurations.

Project Scope:

  • Solar resource and projected energy production evaluation with PVsyst software
  • Site suitability review
  • Evaluation of solar technology
  • Conceptual plant design
  • Detailed cost schedule
  • Equipment specification review

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