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Recent Overhead Transmission Line Projects

ATCO Electric
Dover-Muskeg Transmission Line
Sargent & Lundy performed complete engineering and design for 31 miles of double-circuit and 12 miles of single-circuit 260-kV transmission line located in Alberta, Canada. This line was constructed on steel lattice towers, with a 5-mile single-circuit section on wood H-frames. The project involved the design of foundations in muskeg, using multi-helix screw anchors to support the tower legs. The line also included a 2,000-foot river-crossing span. Completed in 2002.
BP Wind Energy

Sargent & Lundy performed engineering for the Trinity Hills Wind Farm project and the Sherbino Mesa II Wind Farm project, both located in Texas. Sargent & Lundy's scope for the 225-MW Trinity Hills project included the engineering and design of a 345/34.5 kV substation, the 34.5 kV underground collection system, and 3.5 miles of 345-kV transmission line. Our scope for 150-MW Sherbino Mesa II included the engineering and design of the 138/34.5 kV project substation, 138 kV junction switchyard, 34.5 kV overhead and underground collection system, and 10 miles of 138 kV transmission line. Engineering was initiated in August 2010 on Trinity Hills and October 2010 on Sherbino Mesa II. Engineering drawings for both projects were issued for construction in March 2011.

Project Profile: Trinity Hills and Sherbino Mesa II Wind Farm Projects
City Public Service of San Antonio
The 30-mile, double-circuit Cagnon - Kendall 345-kV Transmission Line was engineered by Sargent & Lundy. We have also provided engineering support for the licensing process and developed the access road plan for the project.
Sargent & Lundy is currently working under a long term Engineer of Choice contract providing substation and transmission engineering as well as construction services support to ComEd. Sargent & Lundy designed four new 138/12kV GIS substations with expansions at 12 others as part of the Chicago Optimization Plan for ComEd. We provided engineering, project management, material ordering, and outage and commissioning planning to ComEd on multiple recent projects including the four nuclear switchyard upgrades and a program including a new 345 kV GIS substation, autotransformers and 345 kV transmission line upgrade. Sargent & Lundy has also supports multiple transmission line and substation system expansions, upgrades, and fiber communications projects.
Working directly as an Exelon Engineer of Choice and as part of the Infrasource Contractor of Choice team, Sargent & Lundy is designing 69-kV and 230-kV transmission lines. These projects include new lines and upgrades of existing lines.
Hawaiian Electric Company
Sargent & Lundy provided conceptual design, evaluation of alternatives, engineering support for the permit process and detailed design are being performed by Sargent & Lundy for the AES-CEIP 138-kV Transmission Line. This project was completed in 2007.
Horizon Wind Energy
Twin Groves Wind Farm

Sargent & Lundy performed engineering for the interconnection of the Horizon Wind Energy Twin Groves Wind Farm to the Commonwealth Edison transmission network. Our engineering and design included the 34.5/345 kV substation at the termination of the wind generator collection system, 16 miles of 345-kV transmission line, a 345 kV substation, a 3-breaker ring bus adjacent to the existing transmission line, and coordinating the interface of the protection and control systems. The project was constructed in two phases, each generating 200 MW of power. Phase II was completed at the end of 2007. The facility includes 267 wind turbine generators, with a rated capacity of 1.5-1.65 megawatts each.

Project Profile: Twin Groves Wind Farm Interconnection

Work has continued with Horizon Wind Energy for the interconnection of additional wind farms to various transmission networks. Services provided by Sargent & include transmission line and substation engineering & design, collection system engineering & design, material and equipment procurement support, and construction field services.

Project Profile: Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm Interconnection
Project Profile: Meadow Lake Wind Farm Interconnection
Project Profile: Top Crop Wind Farm Interconnection
Jacksonville Electric Authority
Sargent & Lundy designed the double-circuit Brandy Branch - Normandy 230-kV Transmission Line, which was constructed on prestressed concrete poles. This project was completed in 2004.
Louisville Gas & Electric

Sargent & Lundy is performing complete project services for this downtown 138/13.8-kV substation including related underground and overhead transmission lines. An existing open-air substation is being demolished and replaced by a multilevel, enclosed GIS facility with a cable vault area housing 138-kV transmission lines and 15-kV distribution feeders. The project includes reconductoring a 69-kV underground line and replacing four 138-kV oil-filled underground transmission cables with XLPE cable and high-pressure gas-filled cable. Our scope includes overall program management, engineering and design, procurement support, construction management, and commissioning. Engineering was initiated in September 2006, and the substation was energized mid-2008.

Project Profile: Waterside West 138/13.8 kV Project

Minnkota Power Cooperative
Sargent & Lundy was requested by Minnkota Power Cooperative (MPC) to conduct a study of its 345 kV transmission line that runs from Center, North Dakota to Fargo, North Dakota, a total length of 214 miles. The line has been energized for the past 31 years. In the late 1990s, the line experienced a number of structural failures under severe weather conditions. Because loss of generation due to line failure is increasingly critical to MPC, this study was undertaken to assess the strength and reliability of the existing line and to recommend measures to improve the performance of the line. This study was completed in 2001.
NV Energy
Collman Substation and Transmission Project

Sargent & Lundy is providing engineering for this 138/12-kV substation adjacent to the Las Vegas resort "Strip" and designing the associated overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines. Segments of the 5 miles of line are being designed to accommodate a future, overbuilt 230-kV circuit and the 138-kV circuit and future 230-kV circuit to be installed underground. Engineering for this project was completed in 2009. Sargent & Lundy's team includes Arcadis, Finley Engineering, and USi/GAI.

Project Profile: Collman 138/12 kV Project

Las Vegas Area Transmission Projects
Our staff performed engineering, permitting support, and other services for a number of 69-kV and 230-kV transmission lines in the Las Vegas area. This included the 13-mile Nellis-Apex and Apex Relocation 69-kV lines, which replaced deteriorated wood-pole structures with light-duty steel poles. The Del Webb 2000 project involved the relocation of three existing 230-kV lines for a major residential development. The Arden- Northwest project included 17 miles of quad-circuit line. The McCullough-Arden #2 transmission line consisted of 15 miles of 230/138-kV quad-circuit line and the Crystal-Harry Allen project included approximately 10 miles of double-circuit 230-kV lines. Sargent & Lundy has also provided construction quality control surveillance personnel for a number of Nevada Power transmission line projects.
Centennial Project
The 29-mile Harry Allen - Northwest 500-kV Transmission Line, which was a component of Nevada Power's Centennial Project, was designed by Sargent & Lundy. This line was constructed on single-circuit and double-circuit steel poles and lattice towers. This project was completed in 2003. Sargent & Lundy also performed structural analysis of 500-kV tower designs for use on the Northwest - Mead segment of this project. We evaluated existing tower designs for use with Nevada Power's conductors, loading criteria and tension limitations. This work was completed in 2004.
Field Quality Assurance and Inspection
Sargent & Lundy provided field quality assurance and inspection services for two major 345-kV transmission line projects in Nevada for Sierra Pacific Power Company. Sargent & Lundy's scope of work for both projects included providing a Quality Assurance Supervisor and team of construction engineers to monitor the construction work for compliance with the engineering drawings and specifications, material coordination and contract administrative functions. The Sargent & Lundy Quality Assurance Team monitored construction activities from clearing and access road construction through clean-up and restoration.
Falcon-Gondor Project
The Falcon-Gondor project included a 180-mile 345-kV transmission line constructed on tubular steel H-frame structures and a 345-kV expansion of the existing 230-kV Gondor Substation. The project is located in central Nevada and was completed in 2004.
Wasatch Front Quantum Leap Projects

As part of an EPC team, Sargent & Lundy is performing complete engineering construction quality assurance and commissioning services for a major upgrade of the transmission and distribution system in the PacifiCorp Salt Lake City region. The prime contractor is Kenny Construction Company of Chicago, IL. The scope of work includes 7 transmission projects involving a total of approximately 50 miles of 138 kV line, plus an additional 15 miles of line to accommodate the new and upgraded substation projects. The majority of the projects were completed to meet summer peak loads in 2003 and 2004 and the remaining projects completed in 2005.

Project Profile: Quantum Leap
Harrison - Lincoln Project
Sargent & Lundy performed a study to evaluate alternatives to reconstruct a 115-kV transmission line crossing of the Willamette River in Portland, OR. This including overhead construction, direct bore cable installation under the river, use of an abandoned gas pipeline and installing cables below the deck of an existing highway bridge. After the overhead crossing was selected as the preferred alternative, we completed the engineering to rebuild the overhead span and the new line segments on each bank of the river. Completed in 2005.
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Engineering was performed for approximately 9 miles of 115-kV transmission line for PG&E's North San Jose Capacity Project. This project connects the existing Kifer and Trimble substations to the new Nortech substation, located in San Jose, California. The lines were designed with tubular steel structures. Much of the project replaced existing wood pole lines and carries underbuilt distribution and communication circuits. Engineering for this project was completed in 2000.
PPL Electric Utilities
Susquehanna-Roseland Transmission Project

At the direction of PJM Interconnection, PPL is installing a new line to maintain reliability and avoid overloading existing lines in the region. Sargent & Lundy’s scope of work included complete engineering of 100 miles of double-circuit transmission line, which was designed for two 500-kV circuits, but will be initially energized as one 500-kV circuit and one 230-kV circuit. We also developed the bills of material and specifications for material procurement and constructions bids. Engineering, material procurement, and contracting will continue in 2010 as the permitting process is completed. The required in-service date is May 2012.

Project Profile: Susquehanna-Roseland Transmission Project

Richmond Power & Light Company
Engineering for the rebuild of the Whitewater - Johnson Street 138-kV Transmission Line, increasing the load transfer capacity of the line and replacing aging wood structures with new steel poles, was completed by Sargent & Lundy in 2004. Sargent & Lundy also performed construction quality control surveillance for this project located in northeastern Indiana.
Rochelle Municipal Utilities
To provide electric service to a new ethanol manufacturing plant in central Illinois, Sargent & Lundy was retained to engineer the Caron - Stewart 138-kV Transmission Line. This single-circuit transmission, constructed on light-duty steel poles, was completed in 2006.
Salt River Project

To provide a satellite switchyard at the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant, Sargent & Lundy performed engineering for a 3-mile 500 kV tie line between the existing switchyard and the new Hassayampa 500 kV Switchyard and for the modification of two existing 500 kV lines that were looped into the new switchyard. These lines were built on lattice steel towers with steel pole structures for phase transpositions.

San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Sargent & Lundy has been performing continuing engineering for SDG&E under the terms of a general services agreement. Recent assignments have included the engineering for uprating the Miguel-Mission, S. Bay - Main Street and San Onofre-Encina transmission lines and evaluation of existing 138-kV and 230-kV double-circuit towers for the installation of optic fiber ground wire.
Otay - Mesa Power Purchase Agreement (OMPPA) Transmission Project
Sargent & Lundy was selected by SDG&E to perform the complete engineering for the 45-mile 230-kV OMPPA project. This project is comprised of several segments involving installation of conductors on existing structures, design and construction of new steel poles, and analysis and modification of five-circuit, lattice bridge-type structures that straddle a rail line.
Sunrise Powerlink Project

Sargent & Lundy is leading a team that is providing a wide range of services to support SDG&E on their proposed major, new transmission interconnection from the east side of their service territory-the Sunrise Powerlink. The project is proposed to include approximately 100 miles of new 500-kV transmission line, approximately 30 miles of new 230-kV line, a new 500/230-kV substation, and upgrades to a number of existing lines and substations. The scope of work is divided into three phases: I - Route evaluations, public outreach, environmental licensing, and preliminary engineering: II - Detailed engineering, procurement support, and land acquisition support, and III - Construction management. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2012.

Project Profile: Sunrise Powerlink
Southern California Edison
Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project

The TRT project is the first major transmission project in California being constructed specifically to access multiple renewable generators in a remote area and will include new and upgraded electric transmission lines and substations. Sargent & Lundy is performing detailed transmission line and substation engineering and design. Our team provided preliminary engineering and permitting support and is also preparing technical specifications for material and construction. The first segments of the project were approved by the California Public Utilities Commission in March 2007 and construction is underway.

Project Profile: Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project
Assessment for Thermal Rating Increase
SCE awarded an engineering services agreement for transmission line projects to Sargent & Lundy in early 2005. One of the first assignments was to perform an assessment of the existing Devers - Palo Verde No. 1 500-kV Transmission Line for an increased thermal rating. Modifications that would be required for the additional sag due to increased conductor temperature were determined for the 127-mile segment of this line located in California.
Tennessee Valley Authority

Since 1997, Sargent & Lundy has been an engineering alliance partner to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), providing engineering and design services for projects throughout their transmission system. Projects have included new 69-kV and 161-kV transmission lines, upgrades to existing lines, retrofits of lightning arrestors and assessment of existing lines for increased operating temperatures.

Project Profile: TVA

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