Electric Transportation

We deliver innovative solutions for tomorrow’s electric fleet.

From Project Concept to Grid Planning to Project Delivery

When we use electricity to fuel the movement of people and materials, we open the door to transforming the world’s transportation sector. Sargent & Lundy is poised with the experience, knowledge, and resources to help our clients engage in all aspects of electric transportation.


Countless electric fleet applications continue to emerge at an astonishing rate, and expanding infrastructure and technology is key to meeting the growing demand of carbon-free solutions. Our comprehensive, leading-edge services will address your concepts, planning, grid interconnection solutions, electric fleet development, infrastructure, delivery, and commissioning.

Our goal is to provide a holistic solution involving all facets of electric demand and the required infrastructure. Our team has a solid understanding of utility requirements and works directly with OEMs to ensure designs and solutions utilize the most up-to-date technology. Our forward-thinking processes offer clients the confidence their fleet transition charging and infrastructure can meet future electricity demand.

Comprehensive Services:

EV Charging Station Network Model

  • Ideal locations designed for EV fast charging plazas and charging depots.
  • Advanced GIS techniques used to sift through massive amounts of geospatial data to find optimum sites based on unique project parameters.
  • Two-dimensional model focused on likelihood and readiness.
  • Deliverables include heat maps, factor analyses, a quadrant model, asset and capacity upgrade requirements, and other relevant information toward- locating direct current fast charger (DCFC) stations.
  • Each quadrant leads to specific strategies to increase EV adoption and charging station utilization.

Sargent & Lundy EV heat mapSargent & Lundy EV dot map

Innovative Microgrid EV Station Design

  • Integration and collocation of energy storage, solar, and EV charging stations.
  • Lead solution design for industry trends.
  • Minimization of capital investment on utility infrastructure upgrade requirements through battery power offset.
  • Single interconnection point for multiple clean grid services.
  • Cost-efficient power during peak demand minimizing O&M and energy costs.
  • Station resiliency optimized and downtime minimized.
  • Experience and ability to design and engineer stations with 20+ DCFC and 3MWh+ load requirements – utility and behind-the-meter design and engineering.

Charge Station

Fleet and Logistic Center Strategy and Planning


  • Power and grid planning for significant load centers as a result of electrification of logistic centers.Sargent & Lundy EV grid assessment
  • An example of logistic centers within a sample quadrant in Tracy, California, will create significant additional load.


  • Construction of multi-year model to transition fleet along with requisite charging infrastructure.
  • Energy and grid assessment to build energy strategy.

Financial and Feasibility Studies

  • Financial modeling for station deployment.
  • Model various tariff options for interconnection loads.
  • Economic modeling with utilization scenarios over time.

Partnering Through the Transportation Electrification Journey

Our experience delivering engineering projects throughout the U.S. and globally make us an ideal partner to support you in every facet of electric transportation. Our leadership and knowledge will help expedite your project to completion. Let the experts at Sargent & Lundy help you enter the era of clean transportation.