Sooner Station Conveyor Replacement Project

Sargent & Lundy facilitated overall engineering and procurement of tubular gallery coal conveyors at existing coal-fired power plant

Sooner Station Conveyor Replacement Project
Red Rock, Oklahoma
Client: OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric)

Project Highlights:

  • OG&E had initially awarded this project to an alternate A/E company.
  • Optimized contracting strategy and effective owner’s engineering by Sargent & Lundy resulted in tremendous cost savings.

Project Description:

OG&E approached Sargent & Lundy for an estimate on the overall engineering and procurement costs to replace Sooner Station’s Conveyors 10 and 11. The utility had previously awarded the project to a different A/E company but had concerns about the value being provided. OG&E and Sargent & Lundy evaluated different approaches to the conveyor project, including alternate contract strategies, conveyor technologies, and increased modular shop fabrication.  Having just provided owner’s engineer services for a flue gas desulfurization project at the same plant, Sargent & Lundy was well-equipped to streamline processes, provide effective oversight, and mitigate costs.

Sargent & Lundy outlined an engineer-procure-construct based approach for turnkey supply of tubular gallery conveyors that offered substantial technical benefits and reduced risk of change orders. The strategy, which included the subcontracting of conveyor assemblies to Wolf Point Engineers & Contractors, yielded millions of dollars in cost savings. OG&E awarded Sargent & Lundy an owner’s engineer contract to facilitate the delivery of the project in the recommended manner.

Project Scope:

Sargent & Lundy provided the following services as the owner’s engineer:

  • EPC specification development and administrative assistance.
  • Robust in-person collaboration with Wolf Point Engineers (EPC contract holders), including project scheduling assistance.
  • Leadership of design review meetings.
  • QA shop surveillance and oversight services.
  • Permitting support.
  • 3D model reviews.
  • Writing, oversight, and reporting of performance test procedures.

Schedule Milestones:

  • Project Start: June 2018
  • Fabrication: June 2019
  • Commercial operation date: May 2020

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