Gas Compressor Station

Sargent & Lundy's scope included detailed engineering and design, procurement, and field engineering construction support

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Gas Compressor Station 
Great Lakes Region (U.S.)
Client: Confidential Utility

Project Highlights:

  • Station Horsepower (hp): 18,750-hp
  • Engine: General Electric Waukesha 12V275GL+
  • Compressor Type: Reciprocating
  • Compressor: Neuman & Esser
  • Fuel: Natural gas
  • Facilities: Compressor building—20,000 sq. ft.
  • Auxiliary building (mechanical, electrical, control equipment rooms, station control room, and administrative rooms)—11,000 sq. ft.

Project Description:

In 2016, Sargent & Lundy was awarded a contract for the engineering and design of a new compressor station. This gas compressor station is a natural gas pipeline transmission station within the company’s pipeline network that receives gas from four pipelines, two belonging to the client and two belonging to an interstate transportation pipeline company, and returns gas to these same pipelines in addition to feeding a local distribution network.

The gas compressor station is a manned, two-plant natural gas compressor transmission station consisting of eight 1,000-horsepower (hp) gas compressor units, four 1,000-hp compressor units, and one 3,000-hp compressor unit in two separate buildings, Plant 1 and Plant 2.

The project consists of replacing the two existing compression plants with a third new plant, Plant 3. The overall project is in two phases. Phase 1, already completed, adds two new compression units installed in a temporary location and connected to the existing facility. These two compression units became operational in fall 2017.

Phase 2 consists of a completely new standalone gas compression station. The new station will have five reciprocating compression units, and will be capable of being operated completely unmanned. Sargent & Lundy’s Phase 2 scope is to perform the detailed design engineering and support startup/commissioning.

The design will support Phase 2 construction in two stages. In Stage 1, the first three compressors will be installed and commissioned. The two units from the Phase 1 temporary installation will be relocated to the new Plant 3 during Stage 2. The design will allow for safe, isolated operation of the first three units during construction of the last two units.

The engine compressor package consists of a natural-gas-fired industrial engine (GE Waukesha 12V275GL+) driving five Neuman & Esser industrial high-speed separable reciprocating compressor units rated at 3,750-hp each.

Schedule Milestones:

  • Project award: 2016
  • Engineering complete: 2018
  • GWC / award / construction start: 2018
  • Phase two compressors COD: 2019/2020

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