Nuclear Plant Procedures Support

Capabilities & Expertise:

For more than 20 years, Sargent & Lundy has been developing/updating operating, maintenance, test, and other technical procedures to support operating and new-generation nuclear power plant projects. The Sargent & Lundy team has worked on thousands of procedures in support of our nuclear power customers, encompassing a variety of nuclear power plant vintages.

Our highly experienced staff offers backgrounds in engineering, operations, maintenance, testing, procedures, and plant programs. Some individuals are former utility staff members and previously licensed Senior Reactor Operators (SROs).

We provide the full range of services to support our projects. These services encompass developing / revising / reviewing: operating, maintenance, test, and other technical procedures; plant engineering programs (e.g., AOVs, MOVs, IST, etc.) support; preventive maintenance optimization (PMO) / enhanced maintenance optimization (EMO); equipment reliability; preventive maintenance change requests (PMCRs); life-cycle management; license renewal; modification implementation and outage support; plant studies and assessments; and training.

As part of our project modification implementation and outage support, Sargent & Lundy also performs work planning, outage management, material and testing coordination, modification management, field engineering, training, construction management, procurement engineering, and scheduling.

Range of Experience:

Operating Plant Modification Implementation Procedures: Develop, Review, and Revise

  • Over 150 system operating, alarm response, and surveillance procedures; modification acceptance test procedures; and maintenance procedures.
  • Approximately 50 NFPA-805 project modification acceptance test procedures (functional and pre-operational testing).
  • Fukushima-related procedures for various projects.
  • Over 390 operating, maintenance, and test procedures for EPU modification projects.
  • Over 60 HCVS/FLEX operating and modification acceptance test procedures for four plants. For eight other plants, developed operating and modification acceptance test procedures associated with Fukushima EHC fire pump modification projects.
  • Over 90 detailed commissioning specifications, commissioning (test) plans, installation work plans, modification acceptance test procedures, and other technical procedures.
  • Provided site team to develop/revise numerous operating and testing procedures to support a main turbine and MFP turbine controls upgrade project.
  • Revised/ developed over 10 operating procedures for a CFW pump modification project.
  • Developed commissioning plans and testing procedures for an AVR replacement project.

New-Generation Procedures and Guidelines Development:

  • Drafted approximately 110 system operating procedures, alarm response procedures, abnormal operating procedures, and plant surveillance procedures.
  • Supported development of procedure development plan, process, and client-specific writer’s guides.
  • Provided extensive planning support for the maintenance procedure and pre-operational/startup test procedure development efforts.