Article: Smart Substations – Increased Use of Communications for System Monitoring

How Sargent & Lundy is improving substations to help utilities predict and respond to system issues

Bryan Kelley of Sargent & Lundy

August 7, 2019 Sargent & Lundy Vice President and Project Director Brian Kelley contributed an article to Utilities Tech Outlook exploring the use of smart substations to better monitor and control substation equipment.

Kelley shares insight on how the improved ability to monitor and control substation equipment using transformer monitoring, battery monitoring, and advance relaying can increase efficiency and improve system operations.

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Sargent & Lundy has a proven track record of completing projects that support smart grid implementation, including new substation designs, solar and wind energy designs, battery energy storage, grid interconnection, load flow studies, and cyber/physical security projects along with hundreds of NERC CIP compliance upgrades.

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