Sargent & Lundy Presenting at EUEC Conference 2017

Presenters will cover an assortment of environmental topics on current energy specifications

January 31, 2017 - Sargent & Lundy staff will present a wide range of papers at the upcoming 2017 Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) in San Diego February 8-10, covering current energy and environmental topics including:

Impact of the Selective Non-Catalytic Reactor Ammonia Slip on Your Plant’s Water Balance, presented by Danielle Flagg and co-authored by Mike Rosen, both of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will review the impact of ammonia slip with installing selective non-catalytic reactor (SNCR) technology to reduce NOx. The presentation will cover SNCR technology on units equipped with wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) at two plants, one with a closed-loop system and one with a blowdown stream. Potential treatment technologies for both cases will be covered, including feasibility and order-of-magnitude screening for plant options.

CCS Application and Considerations on Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants, presented by Emily Kunkel and co-authored by Danielle Flagg and Raj Gaikwad, all of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will provide a summary of the potential design and operating implications of a carbon capture and storage(CCS) system; evaluation of consumption, balance-of-plant (BOP) impacts, and permitting concerns; review of the different levels of capture based on available technologies; and capital and operations and maintenance costs for implementing a CCS system to an existing facility.

U.S. EPA’s Final CCR Rule Beyond Disposal and Containment: Fitting the Right Pieces Together, presented by Douglas Dahlberg and co-authored by Mohammad Karim, both of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will summarize the new modifications to the final rule to regulate the disposal of coal combustion residuals (CCR), with a walk-through of how the changes may affect current disposal operations. The critical proposed changes are centered on groundwater monitoring of inactive sites. The presentation will also cover the remaining compliance milestone dates and documents needed for compliance with the federal ruling.

U.S. EPA’s Final CCR Rule – A Clean Closure Success, presented by Jason Fifarek, co-authored by Douglas Dahlberg of Sargent & Lundy and Bill Skalitzky, Manager of Generation and Environmental Compliance, of Alliant Energy. The presentation will cover a recent, successful case study completed on an inactive CCR surface impoundment clean closure.

Implementing the Nationwide Permit Program and Other Permitting Strategies in Transmission Line Projects, presented by Valisa Nez of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will discuss ways to help permitting managers decide if projects fall under the streamlined permit process for implementation of the Nationwide Permit Program for transmission line projects. It will cover updates to the issuance of the nationwide permit program that may apply to permitting for transmission line projects. Environmental permitting considerations under the Clean Water Act Sections 401, 402, and 404, Endangered Species Act, National Historic Preservation Act, State Regulations, and local permitting requirements will also be covered.

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