Sargent & Lundy Supports PSE&G’s Groundbreaking Clean Energy Plan

Sargent & Lundy client, PSE&G, unveils six year clean energy plan, spending $2.8 billion on energy efficiency

October 16, 2018- Sargent & Lundy proudly supports PSE&G’s Clean Energy Future (CEF) plan that proposes a $4 billion investment in clean energy and advanced technology aimed to help New Jersey meet ambitious environmental goals. Sargent & Lundy serves as PSE&G’s engineer of choice.

The CEF proposal calls for historic investments in energy efficiency, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, utility-scale energy storage capabilities, and technology that will help PSE&G take great leaps forward in reliability and resiliency. According to PSE&G, the holistic plan will ultimately result in customer savings of $5.7 billion, improved air quality and public health, and a smaller carbon footprint for the state of New Jersey.

“Sargent & Lundy is proud to be a longtime supplier to PSE&G and strongly endorses its forward-thinking CEF program,” said Thomas Foley, vice president and project director for Sargent & Lundy's power delivery business. “We look forward to continuing to provide services that help bring PSE&G to the forefront of jump-starting clean energy priorities.”

Sargent & Lundy is one of the nation’s leading design engineering firms with over 125 years of experience in all manners of power generation and power delivery. Sargent and Lundy has a longstanding relationship with PSE&G, providing innovative solutions to equipment or system issues that allow for more cost effective approaches that reduce future design changes and therefore costs. Most recently, the firm has provided ongoing engineering services at PSE&G’s Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Stations, assisting with modification design work. Sargent & Lundy has also provided technical writing and report preparation services to assist PSE&G Long Island with the development of its integrated resource plan.

In addition to supporting PSE&G’s business initiatives, Sargent & Lundy also extends its support by contributing to the utility’s community involvement efforts. Sargent & Lundy recently served as a Silver Sponsor for the 2018 PSE&G-DP&C Golf Outing for Children’s Specialized Hospital. The firm gave a $5,000 gift, allowing Children’s Specialized Hospital to invest in state-of-the-art technology and participate in over 60 research programs.

PSE&G is one of the largest combined electric and gas companies in the United States and is also New Jersey's oldest and largest publicly owned utility. PSE&G currently serves nearly three quarters of New Jersey's population in a service area consisting of a 2,600-square-mile diagonal corridor across the state from Bergen to Gloucester Counties.


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