Article: Best Practices for Wind Project Partial Repowering

Sargent & Lundy’s extensive wind repowering know-how featured in POWER Magazine

May 2, 2019 – Sargent & Lundy’s energy consultants contributed an article exploring best practices for wind project partial repowering to the May issue of POWER magazine.

Authors Eric DeCristofaro, Eric Soderlund, and Matthew Thibodeau share critical considerations, common challenges, and insights the firm has identified in recent wind repowering efforts, with a focus on wind turbine foundations, electrical balance-of-plant (BOP), and wind turbine towers.

Sargent & Lundy’s wind project partial repowering approach has withstood rigorous debate and numerous rounds of industry review. To further mitigate the risk of repowering, we have developed and implemented wind project electrical BOP and tower review processes that yield value in reduced risk to stakeholders while facilitating smooth repowering campaigns.

Learn how Sargent & Lundy can help owners generate more energy from their sites, extend the life and improve the availability of their projects, and take advantage of extended renewable energy production tax credits. Contact our energy experts to achieve a more-efficient, well-informed repowering campaign.

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