Sargent & Lundy Contributes to Industry Standard Technical Handbook for Chemical Engineers

Water treatment expertise included in 85th Anniversary Edition of Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook

November 7, 2018- Sargent & Lundy’s Matthew Heermann, P.E. (IL) recently contributed his industry expertise to the ninth edition of Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, the definitive reference work in chemical engineering.                                

Heermann revised the waste management section of the handbook pertaining to water regulation in the power sector. Revisions he authored included the introduction to United States water quality legislation and regulations, the definition of waters of the United States, cooling water intake regulation, and updated descriptions of the online tools the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made available since the last edition of the handbook. Ken Snell, Sargent & Lundy permits and licensing expert, assisted Heermann by reviewing the content prior to submission.

“While water treatment in the power sector is mature, there are always new innovations to take advantage of and technological advances and processes we’re exploring to best serve our clients,” said Heermann. “It was an honor to be able to showcase our expertise on the subject matter in such a distinguished publication and to have the opportunity to contribute industry knowledge to help educate the next generation of engineers.”

Sargent & Lundy provides water resources consulting services for hundreds of electric power plant projects. Sargent & Lundy’s water resources team provides services in hydrology, hydraulics, and coastal engineering to help clients find the optimal solution for all types of water-related projects. A multi‐disciplinary team with experience uniquely specialized in power plant projects can achieve the quality water resources services for risk assessment, site evaluation, regulatory compliance, and detailed design that support complex engineering projects.

Heermann has served as a water and wastewater specialist at Sargent & Lundy for over 11 years. He determines technical process requirements, evaluates process and equipment alternatives, prepares technical specifications, and evaluates bids for water-related systems. In addition, he provides technical support to projects involving water and waste treatment and chemical process engineering. His experience working at both nuclear and fossil units gives him added perspective on the operational necessities in power plant water treatment system design.


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