Sargent & Lundy Presents on Solar PV Project Financing at IEEE PV Specialists Conference

The firm will highlight its expertise supporting renewable energy projects

Matthew Thibodeau | Sargent & Lundy

June 2, 2023 – Sargent & Lundy’s Matt Thibodeau and Eric DeCristofaro will deliver a poster presentation at the 50th Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The presentation, “Key Areas of Due Diligence for Solar PV Project Financing,” will take place June 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. AST. In addition to the presentation, attendees will have opportunities to meet with Thibodeau and DeCristofaro to discuss the latest solar PV industry trends and technologies.

Eric DeCristofaro | Sargent & LundyThibodeau and DeCristofaro, who specialize in renewable energy, will share recommendations and lessons learned from the firm’s support financing over 300 renewable power projects. This work includes dozens of utility-scale solar PV projects for major tax equity investors and debt lenders. Their presentation will touch on key items of interest to investors and lenders when deciding to provide financing to a solar PV project, including:

  • Key equipment vendor track record and bankability.
  • Energy yield assessment accuracy.
  • Equipment supply timelines and delay liquidated damages.
  • Hail and extreme weather considerations.
  • Useful life validation.
  • Operations and maintenance costs through project end-of-life.

The IEEE PV Specialists Conference will be held June 11-16 and offer a diverse technical program to the PV scientific community, technological industry leaders, and other solar power professionals, divided into eleven areas covering the breadth and depth of PV science, manufacturing, reliability, deployment, policy, and sustainability. The PVSC organizing committee has chosen to host the conference in Puerto Rico this year to celebrate a community that turned to solar to rebuild their energy infrastructure after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Sargent & Lundy’s energy industry leadership extends to its presence in Puerto Rico, including its support transforming and improving the island’s electric grid. The firm, with offices staffed by local personnel in San Juan and Mayagüez, has been actively engaged in projects in Puerto Rico since 2018. Thibodeau and DeCristofaro look forward to networking with conference participants to explore how the firm’s solar energy services, such as owner’s engineering, independent engineering technical due diligence, and detailed design of solar energy generation, can help achieve solar PV goals.


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