Sargent & Lundy Provides Industry Insight at the International District Energy Association Conference

Kevin Huberty showcases firm’s nuclear expertise in a presentation

June 8, 2023 – Sargent & Lundy’s Kevin Huberty presented this week at the International District Energy Association conference in Chicago. Huberty provided an overview of one of the firm’s small modular reactor projects and discussed the integration of SMRs with industrial applications and district energy.Kevin Huberty | Sargent & Lundy

The annual IDEA conference connects members of the district energy industry from across the globe to share and advance best practices, enable collaboration, and leverage member experience and emerging technologies. In 2023, industry focus on decarbonizing and fortifying energy systems will involve partnering, planning, and robust investment.

Huberty’s presentation, “Integration of Small Modular Reactors with Industrial Applications and District Energy,” provided an overview of different SMR and advanced reactor (AR) technologies with potential industrial applications and applicability for integration with a district energy system. In addition, the presentation reviewed current deployment plans in the U.S. and internationally, along with typical project timelines for design, licensing, and construction.

Sharing our decarbonization and nuclear expertise at the IDEA conference allows us to collaborate with other members of the district energy industry to work towards clean, carbon-free energy solutions. It’s also an opportunity to showcase our nuclear power capabilities, which span engineering, design, analysis, compliance, and project management services for both new nuclear unit designs and upgrades to operating units.


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