Donated Computers Benefit Multiple Youth Organizations

Youth Technology Corps excited to receive donation from Sargent & Lundy

Sargent & Lundy's retired computers are getting a second life supporting multiple youth organizations. The firm donated over 300 desktop computers and dozens of monitors, keyboards, and computer mice to the Youth Technology Corps (YTC) organization. YTC is a network of after-school computer clubs in the Chicago area, North Carolina, and Durango, Mexico. Students learn to refurbish computers, which are then donated to organizations in need that are researched and selected by the student clubs. YTC also offers free summer computer camps in North Carolina and Missouri.

Our computers were delivered to YTC clubs at Farragut High School in Chicago, Evanston Township HS, and Morton HS in Cicero and will also go to the YTC summer technology camp. Students in the YTC club at Evanston sent Sargent & Lundy photos of the group unloading the computers at school and an enthusiastic thank you.

“We were so excited to receive the 50 computers and monitors from Sargent & Lundy! They are faster than almost any computer donation we have received to date. We can’t wait to start working on them! We have recently refurbished and donated computers to Curt’s Cafe (a restaurant in Evanston that gives job training to at-risk teens), Primm Senior Center, Fundacion Liyame (a social service agency in Durango, Mexico), and Sunlight African Community Center in Uptown. We will be happy to start working on your computers to get them ready for organizations like these.”