Chattanooga Staff Supports U.S. Service Personnel with Packages and Red Shirt Fridays

Staff aims to to bring a little bit of home to those who serve

Our Chattanooga office staff is seeing red every Friday. As the group explains, “In 2003, a Marine Corps Captain put out an e-mail asking people to wear red shirts on Fridays to show support for our troops serving overseas. The red symbolizes the sacrifice the troops make with their service. Many people have adopted the practice, and it has taken hold here in the Chattanooga office.”

The Chattanooga staff’s red shirt Friday tradition is a visible expression of their support that also includes sending care packages overseas.   In the past year alone, the group has sent over 700 lbs of materials in the form of care packages to the troops. Packages have been sent to all branches of the military that are deployed with the aim to "to bring a little bit of home to those who serve.”