Chattanooga Office Launches Blood Drive Program

Bloodmobile is a regular visitor to the Chattanooga office

In response to a request from Chattanooga Blood Assurance for community support to replenish blood supplies, our Chattanooga office sponsored the first visit by the Bloodmobile in September 2014. In typical Sargent & Lundy community spirit, 38 members of the Chattanooga staff volunteered to donate blood. Eleven of these were first time donors, making this a great success. With college football season well underway, Blood Assurance provided each donor a complimentary T-shirt supporting the theme “I Bleed my team’s color.”

Similar blood drives in November 2014 and January 2015 were repeat successes and the group decided to continue the effort as an on-going program. The Bloodmobile is now coming to the Chattanooga office every 16 weeks, an interval that allows both double red blood donors and whole blood donors to contribute each time. The Sargent & Lundy staff is also challenging other building tenants to participate and help increase the donations.