AES Indiana Issues All-Source RFP for Future Energy Capacity

Sargent & Lundy facilitates the proposal process as independent third-party consultant

April 27, 2022 – On April 14, AES Indiana issued an all-source request for proposals (RFP) and announced that Sargent & Lundy will act as an independent third-party consultant to manage the RFP process.

The RFP’s purpose is to competitively procure energy and capacity in the near term and inform AES Indiana’s 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) development. Competitive proposals for energy and capacity available for the 2025–2026, 2026–2027, and/or 2027–2028 MISO Planning Years will be accepted for evaluation. AES Indiana is interested in both asset transfer agreements (ATAs) and power purchase agreements (PPAs) for all viable replacement technologies.

Proposal submissions are due May 19 by 11:59 p.m. CDT. Sargent & Lundy will also assist in evaluating the submitted proposals.

AES Indiana, formerly known as Indianapolis Power & Light Company, is engaged primarily in generating, transmitting, distributing, and selling electric energy to more than 500,000 retail customers in Indianapolis and neighboring areas.

For information regarding the RFP process, please contact Sargent & Lundy directly at

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