Sargent & Lundy to Showcase Industry Expertise at 2019 Electric Power Conference and Exhibition

Topics of focus include plant betterment, emissions control, troubleshooting SCR operational issues, and advising on CCR


April 12, 2019 - Sargent & Lundy is presenting at multiple sessions at the 2019 Electric Power Conference and Exhibition taking place April 23 - 26 in Las Vegas. The conference brings the power industry together to exchange knowledge and insights on the pressing issues affecting power generation while staying current on regulations, policies, safety, and best practices in an ever-changing industry.

Sargent & Lundy’s contributions to the conference focus on plant betterment, emissions control, and troubleshooting selective catalytic reduction (SCR) operational issues. Several of the firm’s project directors and managers will be in attendance to answer questions and offer general engineering services expertise.

Combined Cycle Plant Betterment Balance of Plant Considerations, presented and authored by Daniel Azukas
Azukas addresses considerations for plant owners seeking to improve performance of combined-cycle plants with respect to power output and heat rate. With improved plant performance expectation, there is increased demand on balance-of-plant equipment. Azukas also shares Sargent & Lundy’s experience with plant betterment analysis, noting key areas that must be considered when upgrading existing combined-cycle plants.

SCR Troubleshooting and Long-Term Operation, presented by Danielle F. Koren and co-authored by Emily Kunkel
In this presentation, Koren explores common issues that occur in SCR systems over long-term operation. She identifies key considerations for troubleshooting typical issues and/or evaluating and resolving operational issues using real-world examples from previous projects. Koren also discusses recommendations for monitoring, planning, and maintaining the SCR system over the life of the plant.

Case Studies of Combustion Turbine Emissions Control Projects, presented and authored by Emily Kunkel
Kunkel walks through a sampling of case studies from various natural gas combined-cycle upgrades and new simple-cycle facilities. This presentation aims to make plant owners aware of potential impacts that installing a new combustion turbine or upgrading an existing machine has on facility emissions. As more facilities look to increase output, either on an annual basis or on a total output basis, it is imperative to understand the changes necessary for emissions control compliance.

Environmental Ash and Gypsum (CCR) panel discussion, featuring guest panelist Ken Snell
This session examines considerations plant owners and engineering firms should weigh when planning and implementing coal combustion residual (CCR) and transportation projects.

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