Sargent & Lundy to Present at 2017 Electric Power Conference + Exposition

Presenters will cover a myriad of environmental compliance papers

March 21, 2017 - Sargent & Lundy staff will be presenting on a wide range of timely topics at the upcoming 2017 Electric Power Conference Power/ASME in Chicago April 10-13:

Simulating Pressure Transient Events in the Fuel Gas Supply to Combined Cycle Plants, presented by Robert Schroeder and co-authored by Matthew Zitkus, Michael Czyszczewski, and Beniamino Rovagnati, all of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will cover guidelines for the design of fuel gas piping systems that mitigate the possibility of transient events and meet the combustion turbine fuel gas requirements.

Compliance in a New Era, panel representative will be Ken Snell, of Sargent & Lundy.

U.S. EPA’s Final CCR Rule Beyond Disposal and Containment: Fitting the Right Pieces Together, presented by Douglas Dahlberg and co-authored by Mohammad Karim, both of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will summarize the new modifications to the final rule to regulate the disposal of coal combustion residuals (CCR), with a walk-through of how the changes may affect current disposal operations. The critical proposed changes are centered on groundwater monitoring of inactive sites. The presentation will also cover the remaining compliance milestone dates and documents needed for compliance with the federal ruling.

Evaluation of Boiler and HRSG Chemical Cleaning Waste Treatment, presented by Mike Rosen of Sargent & Lundy, and authored by Steve Shulder of Electric Power Research Institute, Joy Rooney, and Raj Gaikwad, both of Sargent & Lundy, with Professor Krishna Pagilla of the University of Nevada. This presentation discusses a study performed to analyze the future environmental regulations that affect the two primary methods of boiler chemical cleaning waste (BCCW) handling.

Zero Discharge Ash Handling Compliance Strategies and Cost Analysis, presented by Jay Cheong of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will cover the potential strategies for complying with the Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELGs) and the Coal Combustion Residual (CCR) Rule in relation to plants that discharge bottom ash. The presentation will discuss finding the best approach for coal-fired plants that still meet their operational and capital cost goals.

Challenges of the Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization (WFGD) Operating on Low Sulfur Fuel, presented by Kristen Bell of Sargent & Lundy. The presentation will focus on the difficulties in operation of plants that switched to lower-sulfur coal and ways to change to accommodate lower-sulfur fuel use.

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