Sargent & Lundy Shares Insights on Carbon Capture Readiness at Energy Utility Environment Conference

Firm provides insight on how CO2 capture can be integrated at existing power and industrial facilities

Feb. 8, 2024 – Changes to the U.S. tax code give many utilities and industrial facilities new financial incentives to implement carbon capture to help them achieve decarbonization targets. Sargent & Lundy’s Alena Downing will discuss the issues and requirements for CO2 capture technology installation Feb. 15 at the Energy Utility Environmental Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Sargent & Lundy | Alena DowningDowning’s presentation, “CO2 Capture Readiness: Planning for the Future of Fossil Power,” was cowritten by her Sargent & Lundy colleague Carolyn Hillebrand.

Operators of coal- and natural-gas-fired power facilities and industrial plants, such as cement kilns, steel mills, and oil and gas infrastructure, can help achieve their decarbonization targets through retrofitting the facilities with carbon capture technology. Downing will discuss requirements for installing CO2 capture technology at existing sites, including identifying candidate facilities and considering technology applicability. Downing will also cover site selection and integration, highlighting the criteria for plant readiness that will help streamline project development and lower costs.

The EUEC, held Feb. 13-15, facilitates information exchange and fosters cooperation between industry, government, and regulators for the protection of our environment and energy security. It is held concurrently with CHARGE EXGO, giving professionals from the energy, utility, environment, and transportation sectors the opportunity to network and interact.

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