Salem Nuclear Station Advanced Digital Feedwater Control System

Engineering and design to support advanced digital feedwater control system upgrade

Hancock's Bridge, New Jersey
Client: PSEG Nuclear

Advanced Digital Feedwater Control Systems provide steam generator level control via feedwater regulating valves and provide steam pressure control via atmospheric relief vales. Sargent & Lundy supported Salem Nuclear Station with the engineering and design of the ADFCS upgrade. The completed design change package included updates to over 250 plant design drawings, multiple revisions to station design calculations, and incorporation of new vendor documents and software configuration control documents into the PSEG document management system. Upon completion of the design change package, the station successfully installed, tested, and commissioned the new ADFCS with minimal impact during the outage.

Project Scope:

Sargent & Lundy provided engineering support throughout the project’s life cycle, from project conception through installation and testing. This Sargent & Lundy support included:

  • Producing a conceptual design study to aid PSEG Nuclear in defining the scope of the ADFCS upgrade
  • Preparing a procurement specification
  • Developing the design change package
  • Providing markups to the affected maintenance and operations procedures.
  • Drafting the modification acceptance test procedures
  • Providing onsite engineering support during the installation and testing activities

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Thomas Behringer

Senior Vice President




Tom brings 34 years of experience, working on new and operating nuclear power plants.