Paper: Wastewater from Carbon Capture – Special Considerations for Treatment

Advantages and disadvantages of available treatment options evaluated



Carbon capture systems (CCS) associated with fossil-fueled power generating facilities often employ a low-pH amine chemistry to remove carbon dioxide (CO2), which generates a wastewater that can present several concerns for treatment and discharge such as the presence of nitrogen. The nitrogen present in the stream is frequently regulated in NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits.

This paper examines treatment options available in the power industry for removal of amines and ammonia carbon capture systems wastewater, including incineration, ion exchange, and nitrification/denitrification in a bioreactor. The authors offer insight into the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Kevin C. Lauzze, Matthew K. Heermann, Diane R. Martini – Sargent & Lundy

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