Two Combined-Cycle Facilities Maximize Same Design

Sargent & Lundy provides "single design approach" to two energy centers--one on the East Coast, the other in the Midwest

EPC Combined-Cycle Design Project
Kings Mountain Energy Center, Cleveland County, North Carolina
Middletown Energy Center, Butler County, Ohio
Client: Gemma Power Systems

Sargent & Lundy has been contracted to provide full engineering design support for two energy centers that are as much as feasibly possible duplicates of one another. The project is using a “single design approach.” Sargent & Lundy’s services include balance-of- plant (BOP) design and engineered equipment specifications. To maximize the common design, Sargent & Lundy is employing a single intelligent 3-D plant model.

NTE Energy is the owner of both the Kings Mountain Energy Center in North Carolina and the Middletown Energy Center in Ohio. Both plants are 475-MW natural gas electric generating facilities.

Equipment is supplied by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc., Vogt Power, Toshiba, and Thermal Engineering International Inc. (TEI).

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