High Energy Line Break (HELB) Reconstitution

Supporting operating plants to stay abreast of regulatory guidance associated with HELB issues

In support of nuclear power plants across the U.S., Sargent & Lundy technical experts have stayed abreast of changing and evolving regulatory guidance associated with High Energy Line Break (HELB) issues. Due to the complexity and evolving regulatory guidance on HELB, plants have identified instances where unevaluated break locations exist in the plant and corrective actions are required.

Sargent & Lundy’s scope often consists of thorough active and historical documentation reviews, providing environmental analysis of high energy line breaks and cracks for various piping systems in several vital areas of the plant using different options such as thermal-hydraulics computer code GOTHIC (Generation of Thermal Hydraulic Information for Containments).

• License Amendment Request acceptance from the NRC.
• Successful completion of the HELB reconstitution with subsequent plant restart.
• Successful completion and approval of calculations and modifications to support the plant licensing and design basis.
• Modifications to eliminate required rupture locations or protect vital equipment.

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Thomas Behringer

Senior Vice President




Tom brings 34 years of experience, working on new and operating nuclear power plants.