Dresden Hardened Containment Ventilation System Project

Sargent & Lundy installs a reliable hardened containment ventilation system for Exelon

Morris, Illinois
Client: Exelon Generation

In order to meet the requirements of NRC Order EA-13-109, NRC Interim Staff Guidance JLD-ISG-2013-02 and NEI 13-02, Sargent & Lundy performed engineering activities necessary for the installation of a reliable HCVS in Dresden Station, Units 2 & 3.

Project Scope:

The HCVS design activities were broken down into multiple tasks resulting in two ECs for each unit; one outage and one non-outage for a wetwell vent issued to support installation during outages.  The HCVS design activities included the following major design tasks:

  • HCVS vent piping addition
  • Primary containment isolation valve (PCIV) pneumatic supply
  • Vent stack temperature and radiation monitoring
  • PCIV valve controls and position indication
  • DC power supply system
  • Argon purge system for hydrogen detonation prevention

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Thomas Behringer

Senior Vice President




Tom brings 34 years of experience, working on new and operating nuclear power plants.