Combined-Cycle Plant

800-MW combined-cycle station with a unique 6x1 configuration

Middle East
Combined-Cycle / 800 MW / Block 1, Block 2, each 6x6x1
Client: Confidential

  • Primary Fuel - Natural gas
  • Backup Fuel - Liquid fuel oil
  • 12 GE LM6000 SPRINT GTGs
  •  12 OTSGs
  • 2 Skoda MTD 40 STGs
  • Black start diesel generator
  • 2014 - COD

The 800-MW combined-cycle station is an IPP facility located in the Middle East. Sargent & Lundy provided complete detailed engineering, design, and procurement services to support two independent blocks (Blocks 1 and 2) of six dual-fired GE LM6000 SPRINT (SPRay INTercooling) combustion turbine generators (GTGs) and six once-through steam generators (OTSGs) from IST. Each block has a dedicated axial Skoda MTD 40 condensing-type steam turbine generator (STG). The station is designed to burn natural gas with liquid fuel oil used as backup.Blocks 1 and 2 each include one 100% STG bypass system for high-pressure (HP) steam and low-pressure (LP) steam. The steam turbine axial discharge enters into a steam surface condenser. The cooling water is supplied to the condenser from a wet cooling tower (14-cell induced draft), which uses seawater as makeup. The station was designed primarily as an outdoor facility and all components are suitable for a coastal sea environment.Project Scope:

  • Detailed plant design
  • Procurement services
  • Worked with Owner to comply with stringent national security requirements in building designs
  • Interfaced, coordinated, and integrated local engineer's designs and equipment suppliers in overall plant design
  • Plant and systems designed for multiple combinations of GTs in operation to support daily start-up
  • Use of OTSGs allows simple-cycle operation mitigating the need for a bypass stack
  • Deaerating condenser incorporated with full bypass capability
  • Design included 400-kV gas-insulated substation (GIS)
  • Utilization of one 3-winding generator step-up (GSU) transformer per pair of GTs

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