69 kV & 138 kV Infrastructure Improvement Projects for AEP

Substation and transmission line projects in West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan

69kV & 138kV Infrastructure Program
Client: American Electric Power (AEP)

Sargent & Lundy EPC Joint Venture with EC Source Services:

  • Right-of-way acquisition / Public Outreach
  • Engineering and Design /Procurement
  • Construction, Testing, Commissioning

American Electric Power is executing Infrastructure Improvement projects in all of its operating regions to improve reliability and replace aging infrastructure.

ECSL is performing work on 15 of those projects in West Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.  This work includes the following over a six year period.

  • Total of approximately 300 miles of 69kV & 138kV Transmission
    • Rebuild 52 miles of 69kV Transmission
    • Constructing 40 miles of new 69kV Transmission
    • Rebuild 200 miles of 138kV Transmission
    • Constructing 8 miles of new 138kV Transmission
  • Construct 8 greenfield substations
  • Rebuild 19 substations
  • Relay / Metering Upgrades at 19 substations

The execution of this program was performed as a Joint Venture entity called ECSL.  Sargent & Lundy is providing the project management, ROW acquisition, public outreach, procurement, and engineering & design for these projects. EC Source is providing the construction services.

The engineering work began in June 2015.  Construction started in October 2016 and will be complete in December 2020.

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Additional information on the Infrastructure Program projects:

Todd Hanssen

Senior Vice President




Todd brings 25 years of experience in the design of power generation and transmission projects and is currently the director of power transmission construction services.