Delfo Bianchini

Mr. Bianchini has over 37 years of experience with Sargent & Lundy, including 20 years on Exelon plants.

Mr. Bianchini is currently an Executive Vice President and the Director of the Nuclear Power Technologies Group. He is responsible for the overall management of all nuclear new generation and nuclear services work performed by Sargent & Lundy. He is responsible for coordinating business development activities, project management, risk management, resource planning and hiring, training, and client relations.

Mr. Bianchini is also a member of the Sargent & Lundy Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for the overall management of the company. The Committee provides leadership and direction in the areas of business strategy, risk management, resource planning and company management.


From 2007 through 2010, Mr. Bianchini was assigned as the Lead Project Director for the South Texas Project – Units 3&4. The South Texas Project consisted of two Toshiba Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs) in Matagorda County, Texas with Sargent & Lundy’s scope of work consisting of the detailed design of the Nuclear Island. In addition to being assigned as the Lead Project Director for the S&L work, Mr. Bianchini was assigned to the Engineering Management Organization (EMO), responsible for integrating engineering across the project for the entire Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Team.

Previously, Mr. Bianchini was assigned as the Project Director for numerous clients. In addition, based on his extensive experience with Exelon, he became the Single Point of Contact for Sargent & Lundy for all Exelon work (nuclear, fossil and T&S) upon award of the Mega-Supplier contract on July 1, 2004.

Prior to the above assignment, Mr. Bianchini was involved in several large recovery and restart efforts including LaSalle Units 1&2 and both units at the D. C. Cook Plant. In all cases, the units were successfully restarted.

Mr. Bianchini is a registered Professional Engineer and was appointed an ASME Fellow in 2013. He has a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago.


Appointed Associate – 1994
Admitted to Sargent & Lundy Ownership and Appointed Senior Vice President – 1998
Appointed to the Executive Committee – 2010
Appointed Executive Vice President – 2013
Appointed Director, Nuclear Power Technologies Group - 2014