Webinar: The Role of Combined Heat and Power in Meeting Industrial Energy Requirements

Evaluating, planning, and developing CHP projects, plus expected growth areas

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About the Webinar

This informative 40-minute video presentation discusses Sargent & Lundy’s experience evaluating, planning, and developing combined heat and power (CHP) projects, as well as expected growth areas for CHP.

The presentation is led by Sargent & Lundy’s Paula Guletsky, PE. Paula is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of power generation experience. Paula has served as a project director on many assignments for services such as site selection, permit application, conceptual design, detailed design, construction, commissioning, performance testing, and project close-out. Paula brings her extensive background in water treatment, permitting, and environmental control retrofits, as well as her experience in heat cycle analysis and optimization to this discussion.


  • Installed CHP Base
  • CHP Potential
  • Does CHP Make Sense For Us?
  • Concepts & Technologies
  • Incentives & Policies
  • Where to Learn More


James Malone

Director of Business Development




Jim brings 36 years of knowledge to the Power Generation Industry including comprehensive consulting, design engineering, product understanding and analysis for projects worldwide.