Webinar: The Role of Combined Heat and Power in Meeting Industrial Energy Requirements

Evaluating, planning, and developing CHP projects, plus expected growth areas

Additional resources:PowerPoint presentation from the webinar: The Role of Combined Heat and Power in Meeting Industrial Energy Requirements

About the Webinar

This informative 40-minute video presentation discusses Sargent & Lundy’s experience evaluating, planning, and developing combined heat and power (CHP) projects, as well as expected growth areas for CHP.The presentation is led by Sargent & Lundy’s Paula Guletsky, PE. Paula is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of power generation experience.

Paula has served as a project director on many assignments for services such as site selection, permit application, conceptual design, detailed design, construction, commissioning, performance testing, and project close-out. Paula brings her extensive background in water treatment, permitting, and environmental control retrofits, as well as her experience in heat cycle analysis and optimization to this discussion.


  • Installed CHP Base
  • CHP Potential
  • Does CHP Make Sense For Us?
  • Concepts & Technologies
  • Incentives & Policies
  • Where to Learn More[vimeo id="200834308" responsive="false" width="640" height="480" center="true"]

James Malone

Director of Business Development




Jim brings 37 years of knowledge to the Power Generation Industry including comprehensive consulting, design engineering, product understanding and analysis for projects worldwide.