Sargent & Lundy’s Jason Fifarek to Present at the 2017 World of Coal Ash Conference

Conference takes place May 8-11 in Lexington, Kentucky

Jason Fifarek

May 5, 2017 - Jason Fifarek of Sargent & Lundy will present a paper titled “U.S. EPA’s Final CCR Rule – A Clean Closure Success” at the 2017 World of Coal Ash Conference in Lexington, Kentucky on May 11. The paper was co-authored by William Skalitzki, Environmental Services and Compliance Manager of Alliant Energy. The presentation will cover a recent, successful 1.55-acre inactive CCR surface impoundment clean closure project that used an innovative solution involving a hydraulic suction dredge and permeable geotextile dewatering tubes to overcome significant site-specific physical and schedule constraints. The presentation will also discuss CCR compliance requirements, evaluation of multiple standard clean closure methods, project planning, execution, and successful certification of the clean closure.

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2017 World of Coal Ash Conference

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